3​-​way split w/ Aleska, Bears


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photo by yana roykhman (UK, bournemouth),
design by mikhail uteev (NZ, auckland),
recorded by pavel kreminsky (UA, odessa),
mixed and mastered by sébastien collet (FR, paris)

...and of course to all guys from aleska (FR), and bears (AU) .


released February 8, 2013



all rights reserved


MARIESENA Odesa, Ukraine

Four friends from Odessa - the city on the Black Sea. Most of all they liked to hang out on the 3rd floor of an abandoned shoe factory, where they played their dark, melodic and emotional music in styles such as emo, screamo and post-hardcore. With music Mariesena expressed personal experiences of love, broken friendship, memories from childhood and adult philosophy. ... more

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Track Name: About Jealous Stars and Her Emerald Eyes
Quiet whisper
Sweet smell
Tenderness of the skin
Stroking hands
You are stroking my hands
And look into the soul
Emerald eyes
With many faces ... they have so many faces

Darkness covers the city
Stars again come out for a walk
And I know why
To see your eyes
... I love you

Stars ... they are probably just jealous
Otherwise, they wouldn't go out every dark night
And wouldn't look at our windows
Because every time they go out
Ends another day
Stars .. they just want to steal you from me
But the clouds cover us and we don't need to hide
Give me your hand and we'll go for a walk in the rain
This storm is crying because it know that it cant hide us forever
And sooner or later you will be far away again...
Track Name: About My Temper and the Ship as a Metaphor
I’d rather be the ship that sails
And ride the billows wild and free;
Than be the ship that always failed
To leave its port and go to sea.
I’d rather feel the sting of strife,
Where gales are born and tempests roar;
Than settle down to useless life
And rot in drydock on the shore.
I’d rather fight some mighty wave
With honor in supreme command;
And fill at last a well-earned grave
Than die in ease upon the sand.
I’d rather live where sea storms blow
And be the ship that always failed
To make the ports where it would go,
Than be the ship that never sailed.
Track Name: About Dying Relations
Tried to catch you this friday
But you were very busy
You choped my heart that day
Cut your steel heart is not so easy!
I am just trying to understand you
You always fuck my brain! Why?
Shut up! I hate you.
I hate you, but cant without you!

Fake smiles
Empty words
Trying to rise to the surface
But something drags to the bottom

We are two birds
But our wings are broken
We are flying over the sea of lie
We are two birds
Would we fly over this black sea
Or crash into thick ice?
And I dont know
How many times I'll broke my throat
to tell you...
And I dont know
When you will finally hear that
I still love you

Breathing is not enough
And pain of the wounds close eyes.
We are falling to the waves
Lungs like a pain machine.
And maybe it's just a habit?
These words from your lips as a sentence.
We won't last long.
But together we're just two birds which dying
Gliding on the wind

I want to wake up ..